BALI National Landscape Award



In 2008 Lambeth Stonework helped win a BALI National Landscape Award by undertaking stonework on UPM Tilhills award winning project.


The Renovation and regeneration of the remote Pennine village of Nenthead was undertaken by UPM Tilhill on behalf of Cumbria County Council. Work involved the landscaping of three sites across the village and included over 70 meters of new Drystone Walls, including some curved feature work that was to go up and over large stone boulders set into the ground of a children’s play area.


Nenthead and the nearby market town of Alston have traditionally used local materials in their construction and UPM Tilhill was able to ensure all materials used in the project were sourced locally. The natural stone was supplied from a quarry just three miles away, and local craftsmen Laurie Lambeth skilled in dry stone wall construction was employed to ensure the new works were sympathetic to their surroundings, “Congratulations” said Richard Moore of Cumbria County Council, “The teams commitment to using local materials and employing local craftsmen has really paid off”


The annual BALI National Landscape Awards showcase the high levels of professionalism attained by members of the British Association of Landscape Industries.