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Filming With BBC

June 19th 2014


As part of the Pennine Ways upcoming 50th anniversary in 2015, Lambeth Stonework is rebuilding the Drystone Cross Shelter that has been falling into disrepair for many years. The shelter sits on the summit of Crossfell, and at 1,930ft is the highest point of the Pennine Way and the North Pennines.


The project has attracted quite a bit of media attention, and today we spent the morning filming with the BBC for a documentary about the Pennine Way. The 3 part series is all about the 50th anniversary and presented by Royal Geographic Society vice-president Paul Rose.


Paul was keen to get stuck in and learn some of the fundamental basics of drystone walling. He soon got to grips with things and seemed to enjoy the experience. We talked about imported aspects of drystone walling, then Paul interviewed trainees Rob and Chris about their apprenticeships so far.


The series is due to air on BBC 2 around March/April 2015.

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