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Dry Stone Cross Shelter

Crossfell, Pennine Way, North Pennines


As part of the upcoming 50th anniversary of the Pennine Way, Lambeth Stonework was given the unique opportunity of rebuilding an iconic local landmark.


At 2,930ft above sea level, Crossfell is the highest point on the Pennine way and in the North Pennines. At the summit stands a 30 tonne Dry Stone Cross Shelter that had been falling into disrepair for many years, the project involved fully dismantling the old structure in order to rebuild it back to its former glory.


The restoration took a total of four weeks and due to significance of the build attracted a fair amount of media attention, this included filming by the BBC and ITV.



Accompanying myself throughout the build were two apprentices from the AONB’s Heritage Skills Programme. This was a good opportunity for myself to teach the trainees about some of the more technical aspects of stonework, and for them to be a part of what was an interesting and challenging project.

Now the shelter is finished it can once again offers walkers some much needed respite, to those who get caught out by ever changing and often hostile weather conditions.

Articles and media coverage relating to the restoration:


  • (Left) ITV News Feature










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